About us

Who produces hirranmayi.com?

hirranmayi.com is produced by the Srujani Pariva, Chennai. The site was launched in 2019, becoming the original online resource for poems, stories.

What is the Srujani Pariva, Chennai?

Founded in 2016 in Chennai City of India, the Srujani Parivar is the nation’s Odiya Literature-membership-based organization advocating for Odiya Poets/Story Writers/Writers with different disciplines and their creations in Odiya. Its mission is to support poets/Writers at all stages of their careers and to foster the appreciation of contemporary poetry/Writings.

Who supports the Srujani Pariva, Chennai?

The organization and its many programs and publications are made possible, largely, by contributions from individuals and its members who reside in Chennai city(TamilNadu) and Odisha/all states in India. The organization also benefits from funding from private foundations, corporate houses.

How do you become a member of the Srujani Pariva, Chennai?

You may join the Srujani Pariva, Chennai as a free membership or greater contribution, which helps underwrite the organization’s programs and publications–Like “Srujan Sarita“ and “Pragnya Utkal“